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03 December 2014 10:07 AM

Opening Ceremony To Blast For


Two consecutive blast rocks the parede grounds of Caldera resort. For the ceremony head it was not suprising. Indonesia river runner federation president is also Commander in Chief of the Marine Corps, Mayor General Marine Faridz Washington is used TNT blast around him.


Pre World Rafting Championship 2014 was opened with two TNT blast. Followed by a display of BedugRampag an Indonesian Marine Tako Drum dance.The show was exciting to see as the Marines was in battle fatigue using martial arts move to dance to the spirited music.


17 rafting team from  seven province compete In the event. One Malaysian team also joined. The main purpose for event is as a rehearsal for the coming World Rafting Championship (WRC) 2015. All the Indonesia team will compete to become  the national representative in WRC 2015.

Faridz Washington reminded that Indonesia will host and compete against 40 other nation. He ask that all involved should maintain sportive attitude  and fairness.


Rampag Bedug The Indonesia Marine version of Tako Drum performance


A Day For Speed

First day of heats.Sprint followed by Head to Head. DKI Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia team, won the sprint for male as well as female. On the following Head to Head, the table turns West Jawa male defeated DKI Jakarta.

Head To Head is considered prestigious discipline among rafter. The old rivalry between West Jawa  against DKI Jakarta goes back  to a couple of years in the national championship, Overall until today, DKI won the tally. West Jawa won by two second.

During their run Jawa Barat athelete had pushed his paddle inside the DKI boat. DKI manager protested. But to no avail, after the video was viewed by the juries, it was decided that the incident was unintentional. The two boats was side by side and the natural paddling move by the athelete resulted the incident.

“This is not a violation,” Joni Kurniawan IRF General Judge explained.