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21 May 2012 04:04 PM


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Dear Sir,


It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the White Water Rafting Association of J&K  in association with the Department of Tourism Government of Jammu and Kashmir  and Government of India will be hosting the 3rd Kashmir Cup 2012 will be held on river Sindh Kashmir  India, from 30th June – 8th July  2012.


This letter contains necessary information for teams to assist with their planning for the 3rd Kashmir Cup 2012.

Venue: River Sindh Kashmir India

Teams invited: Open to all. (Men's and Women's teams) 

Entry fee: euro 100 per person

What's provided:-

Ø      Tented accommodation.

Ø      All Meals at the Rafting Camp.

Ø      All transportation in Kashmir .

Ø      Rafts during the championships and for practice


What is not included:- 

Ø  Registration Fee of Euro 100 per person

Ø  Accommodation in Delhi US $ 20 per person at Indian Mountaineering Foundation New Delhi

Ø  Air Fare Delhi – Srinagar – Delhi US $ 250 per person

Ø  Insurance




The identical 14-ft self bailing rafts, will be provided for racing.  Teams are responsible for having their own paddles, life jackets and helmets (in accordance to IRF rules) and paddling gear. You can expect the autumn weather with temperatures within 12°C - 27°C and cool water.  Remember that you will be in mountain area with sudden climatic changes (temperature can drop down to 10°C at night). 

Team sponsorship

Teams are allowed to secure team sponsorship from other organizations.

Team sponsors may brand on side of helmets (15 cm x 5 cm), paddles  (20 cm x 20 cm), shirt-sleeves (12 cm x 6 cm on both shoulders / upper arm) and paddle shorts (no restrictions) on the river and on all clothing off-river.

For other ways of team sponsors branding (banners, shows, etc.) please contact


Identity cards 

Team will be provided with Identity cards for the 3rd Kashmir Cup 2012


There is some 15 km of technical whitewater on river Sindh with rapids of grade 3-4 

Accommodation + Food

All teams will be provided with transportation Ex Srinagar / Jammu by the Department of Tourism Government of Jammu and Kashmir,  Tented Accommodation with food and Transportation from 30th June 8th July 2012.



Judges and officials

            International Airfare accommodation wilth meals shall be paid for judges for the 3rd Kashmir Cup – only official IRF judges may apply. With full name, passport details.


We hope that this information will help you with your planning and budgeting for the 3rd Kashmir Cup 2012. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions and we will be happy to assist you. More information will follow. 

Looking forward to meeting you. 


Mrs. Sharda Chauhan

Vice President

Flat and White Water Federation of India

C-11 Friends Colony East 

New Delhi 110065


Email: info@fwwfi.com


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