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11 January 2008 05:23 PM

Australasian Champs 2008 in Japan : Indonesia the second giant

Source: IRF & PB FAJI
Decided by IRF in last Board Meeting in Korea WRC Event, Japan wins bid to host the 2008 Australasian Champs! The events will be held on Nagara River Japan. Events date are 11-13 October, 2008. Indonesia represented by PB FAJI in collaboration with Pengda FAJI North Sumatra also submited Bid to host the Event on Asahan River, but seems Japan Rafting Federation better prepared to host the Event. Japan also hosted previous Australasian Champs in 2001. This Australasian Champs include to official IRF (International Rafting Federation) Continental Events. Only countries who are up-to-date members can attend Continental champs. In Australasia, recent up-to-date members of IRF i.e. Japan, India, Korea, Philippine, India Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Indonesia based on WRC Korea 2007 result, is the second giant in Asia, defeated Australia and New Zealand two countries with longer history in rafting sport and tourism. Thanks to Indonesia team, bring Indonesia in rank 12 in the World and only second to Japan in Asia. Lody Korua, PB FAJI (Central Board of All Indonesia Rafting Federation) Vice Chairman on Sport Achievement, said his optimism in last Asahan Whitewater Festival, November 2007, that Indonesia will win the Champs, "but we should be best prepared and perform hard training program. We learnt much in Korea, so many technical and psychological matters affected on our Team achievement. But we got many priceless experiences and lessons there, how set-up a world class team. Our athletes are naturally good talent and competitive". FAJI planned to hold National Rafting Championship (Kejurnas) on next April-May 2008, to select* Indonesia Team to participate on the Australasia Event. Next early Year of 2009, FAJI will accomplish another event titled "Best of The Best" to select Indonesia team to World Rafting Championship in Bosnia & Herzegovina on 18-24 May, 2009. (BdY)

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