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Asahan Whitewater Festival is an annual whitewater rafting championship which held in Asahan River, North Sumatera Indonesia. This event has been held since year 2000. At the beginning this event focused on kayak international championship until 2003. This is only exhibition race for Inflatable Raft boat at the beginning and only raced down river race. Since AWF 2 at 2001, inflatable raft become one of the main race beside whitewater kayak.

The 1st AWF at 2000 is the first step that head Asahan River into world class international whitewater race event.   Whitewater kayak championship followed by world class kayaker from many different country. AWF 2000 is one of the international circuits that held after international championship in Thailand.  This event raced 3 class of race, head to head, down river and rodeo.
There is lot of famous kayaker name recorded on competition history of this event such as Tao Berman, Jay Kincaid, Mike Abbot, Jared Meehan, Alan Ellard and many more.

At this year, AWF will only race for international open R6 whitewater rafting competition. In means this event can be follow with Indonesian athlete and any other country. But number of team than can be raced will be limit maximum up to 30 teams. Of course only team with good experience will have big opportunity to compete on this championship.  With orientation of IRF Race rule, AWF 2007 whitewater rafting championship will be raced sprint head to head, slalom and Down River Race.



Asahan River (Indonesian: Sungai Asahan) is a river in Sumatra, Indonesia, about 150 km long. It flows from the Lake Toba, flowing in north-eastern direction, in the upper course through the deep valley of Barisan Mountains. Asahan empties to the Strait of Malacca creating an estuary. City of Tanjung Balai is located near the estuary.

Lake Toba is another of the island's spectacular sights--a remarkable volcanic crater set in the middle of northern Sumatra, 176km from Medan. The lake is huge (the largest in South-East Asia), occupying the calderas of a giant volcano that collapsed on itself after a massive eruption 100,000 years ago. Steep mountains, ridges, and sandy, pine-sheltered beaches surround the lake, which is the deepest Crater Lake in the world. While the efforts to measure the depth of its deepest part are still unsuccessful, it is known that it is at least 460 meters to the bottom. The area itself is an adventurer's playground, with waterfalls dropping hundreds of meters off the volcanic plateau.
The Asahan River it self has been dammed at two places where the river is too steep to contemplate any whitewater activities. The dam releases a regular flow between 90 to 120 m/s. The river consists of 4 sections. The upper section, just below the Tangga dam, has big volume continuous class 4 rapids and is commercially rafted. Below that is the Nightmare section, which has only been paddled a couple of times and is in the class 5-6 range. Below that is Honeymoon Canyon, a very pretty, narrow canyon with lots of play but a must run class 5 rapid. Last comes the more relaxed play section (around the class 3 range), which is also commercially rafted.
Where the Asahan River spills out of the side of the plateau just above the dam, there is a place called Tiger Falls. There used to be a large number of Sumatran tigers that would come down to the water's edge to drink. The damming project diverted the river from above the area to 200 meters downstream, creating an amphitheatre bowl with large smooth basalt walls. They make for challenging multi-pitch rock climbing, which we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test on one of our rest days.



The best and the easiest way to get to Asahan River from the airport is to rent the public minivan car. You can contact local travel agent for providing rent minivan car assistance, to get to Asahan River from this city. It will take 5-7 hour by land from Medan to Asahan valley.

Medan  is a 3rd  big city in Indonesia and there are many rent minivan to the city that serve any destination. Average travel time to hearth of Medan from the airport with several bus stops is 15-hours but allow extra time during rush hour.
The fare varies by the route. The average cost runs USD 65 per car per 12 hours or Indonesian Rp 650.000,-

Transportation to Medan
Teams should fly into Polonia International Air Port, Medan, and North Sumatera main airport. Most major airlines company will transit in Singapore or Malaysia before reach Medan from around the world. Buses will transfer participants from Polonia International Airport to the Asahan Valley on 9 November (once throughout the day). The buses will briefly stop in Medan on the way to Asahan Valley to pick up any teams that may already have arrived in Medan.

Transfer from Asahan Valley back to the airport will occur on November 19.
Transportation outside of the designated days can be arranged but must be paid for separately.

Each team will be provided with a 8-seat mini/van including a driver after the team has arrived in the town of Asahan Valley.
If you need the minivan outside of the official event dates (i.e. arrival before November 10 or departure after November 20), it will be consider as personal expenses.

Independent Travel
The best and the easiest way to get to Asahan Valley from the airport is to ride the public minivan car charter.
You can contact us for providing rent minivan car assistance.
Medan is a 3rd big city in Indonesia and there are many rent minivan to the city that serves any destination. Average travel time to Medan from the airport with several bus stops is 1.5-hours but allow extra time during rush hour.
The fare varies by the route. The average cost runs USD 65 per car per 12 hours or Indonesian Rp 650.000,-
Pre-training means any training or additional activities before the official training days commence, on November 9. The 2007 AWF can assist you make arrangements for this such as accommodations, foods and transportation.
All the costs during the pre-training are solely the responsibility of each team.
Typical prices for food range from USD 5 to USD 10 per person per meal.
Beer costs from USD 1.6 per bottle.

The official boat will be available for Pre-training beginning November 6, team will be full responsible for pay the boat rent with rent cost for US $ 55 per day. However, each team will be required to make a returnable USD 500 "Damage Deposit" in advance of renting the official boat. During the pre-training rescue team will not available.

Team members should bring all other necessary personal equipment including paddles.
It is difficult to find replacement gear outside of Medan, so please be well prepared and bring extras.

Note that Indonesia monsoon season normally begins the third-week of August.
But Asahan River water levels will be same all the year.


Money Changes / Credit Card
It is highly recommended that teams use the Indonesia Rupiah.
It is best that teams exchange their money at Polonia International Airport or Medan City upon arrival. There is several banks available in the town of Medan that can exchange money, as well.
Local people in Medan do not accept US dollars or any foreign currencies.
ATM’s are available at local banks and major convenient stores in Medan but they may not accept foreign cards, and small local vendors in Medan may not accept overseas- issued credit cards.

Team Branding
Branding will be unrestricted on paddles, clothing and at team hotels.
Sides of helmets will be available for teams to use. The front and back of helmets, boats and all
spaces at the event sites have been reserved for event sponsors and paid advertisers.
If your sponsor is interested in paid advertising on boats and at the race sites, please get in touch
with the 2007 AWF for details. 207 AWF will allow your local sponsor’s banner at the race site free of charge under the following conditions

- No-bigger than 1X2 (meters), up to a total of two square meters
- One sponsor banner per team
- Must get approval in advance from the 2007 AWF for specific display locations.
- Limited spaces are available on a first come-first-serve basis.

All participants will be covered with minimum local insurance, but we highly recommend that all team should cover with their own travel insurance.

Healthy Risk
Even thou there is no symptom of Malaria and Dengue in Asahan valley but we also recommend you take anti malaria drugs minimum 2 weeks before you come to Indonesia as protection.


In Asahan valley there is only one access for phone cell with limited spot around the area, but there is public phone if we drive about 25 minute outside the valley.


Down River Race
The down river race sections will reach 3.5 kilometers. Start will begin at Rodeo Hole about 400 meters from race headquarter. River stream condition is varying with difficulty level range from class 3-5.  There is number of rapid will require high enough skill when negotiate with it, such as sucking hole, tiger shark, big bend, Simatupang rapid 1 an 2 and the last but not the least Zivana Rapid. Finish point will be at Hula-huli village.
Slalom and Sprint

Slalom Race only about 500 meters distance. This is the same section with head to head sprint race. Slalom will start with other race start at the same point. This 500 meters section is continuous class 3-4 rapids. 



Number of team member
Team member on 2007 AWF will be 6 people and 1 reversal. It will be no male or female competition. Teams should feel free to choose their team member from any gender. In other words it is allow all team member male, female or mixed with opposite sex. And Organizing Committee will no give any different race rule for any different team composition.


Term of Condition

  1. Team will come from any whitewater Rafting Organization, Club or whitewater Rafting tour operator.  
  2. Each team member is 6 people with one reversal.  
  3. Minimum age of participant is 18 years old.
  4. Number of team participant will be limit maximum 30 team.
  5. No limitation for number of participant from any country. 
  6. Organizing Committee will make selection for each team which can race on this even or not. This Selection will make base on fastest and complete registration, activity and organization prestige on whitewater rafting activity.
  7. Any result for this selection will be final.



          Athlete village
          Event headquarter

          1. Raft (description)
AWF organizing committee will only provide self bailing rubber boat, with specification length 4,2 meters, wide 2 meters, three thwarts with PVC material fabric.



The length of the boat


The width of the boat

2.00 m

The number of thwart


Diameter of  the main tube

0.50 m

Minimum of weight

60  Kg

  1. All boat will have side line.
  2. AWF Organizing Committee will give early information as soon as possible if there any changes for the raft boat specification.

Each participant should be complete with personal equipment such as,    paddle, life jacket, helmet, throw bag, flip line, knife and whistle. 

All participants will be provide with simply home stay with free of charge up to 8 person.

Or for those who like to sleep in tent surrounding by tropical rain forest we also well prepare with camp site for free of charge.


Race Format
This event is race for six peddlers on the boat (R6) whitewater inflatable raft with raced slalom, sprint and down river race. Race rule will oriented with International Rafting Federation. (Please www. intraftfed.com for race rule). The points earned in each discipline are added to determine the Overall winner and final positions. Each team has 6 members with the option to have a reserve.
• The Sprint is without doubt the most visually exciting discipline and counts for 30% of the total points. This event is an elimination race in which pairs of teams race down a section of powerful rapids. The winner of each heat proceeds to the next round and eventually just 2 teams will remain for the Final.
• The Slalom is the most technically challenging event and counts for 30% percent of the total points. This event demands a high level of technique and teamwork to negotiate the rafts through 12 downriver and upriver gates in powerful rapids. Touching, failing to pass or intentionally moving a gate results in a penalty. Each team runs the course twice and their best time is used to determine the results.
• The Downriver is the star event and is worth 40% of the total score. The race is close to an hour of racing along of a section of continuous and powerful rapids. Technical ability and endurance are essential elements to ensuring a good position in this event which is crucial for the teams that aspire to win the Championship. The points earned by the teams in the previous events determine their position in the starting line-up in groups up to 5 rafts.


10 Nov.         : Arrival in Medan and transfer to Asahan River.
11 Nov.         : Registration / official training run
12 Nov.         : official training run
13 Nov.         : Opening Ceremony / official training run / captain meeting
14 Nov.         : Sprint head to head / captain meeting
15 Nov.         : Down River Race / captain meeting
16 Nov.         : Slalom
17 Nov.         : Fun rafting (lower section – Asahan River)/ Trophy presentation
                     /closing ceremony and prize money distribution.
18 Nov.         : back to Medan


Participant Form (see appendix)



  1. Contact the 2007 Asahan Whitewater festival Organizing Committee (info@asahanwhitewater.org) and fill out the registration form for official verification of eligibility. (Registration Form will send separately through email).
  2. We will inform you of your eligibility and send you an invoice for the registration fee.
  3. Once you have completed the registration, we will contact you of your official entry.
  4. To change the names of more than 2 members after registration has been completed,you must contact the us not late than 2 week before race day.
  5. Each team member will be required to show a photo ID for onsite registration


  1. Race fee US $ 400 per team ( for 8 person)
  2. Your team must complete the inscription payment by the dates listed above. The deadlines are 30 September 2007.
  3. COB (close of business) Western Indonesia Time Zone.
  4. Costs for additional team members will be charge up to a maximum of 4 extra members per team, US $ 80 per person.
  5. Race fee should be transfer to AWF Committee (AWF bank account will be inform after the Committee get the form application from participant) Team are fully responsible to pay all the bank processing fees and taxes, if applicable.



  • Raft boat
  • Accommodation at race location
  • Meals for eight participant per team {From 12 Nov (dinner) until 18 Nov (break fast)},
  • Transportation Medan-Asahan Valley-Medan.


Full refund for cancellations before September 30.
50% refund for cancellations between October 1-30.
No refund for cancellations after October 30.
Teams will responsible for any bank processing fee and/or taxes incurred during the refund process.
AWF 2007 will prepare beside trophy and prize money total US $ 11.000 with following distributional:

1st winner Trophy + US $ 3500
2nd winner Trophy + US $ 3000
3rd winner Trophy + US $ 2500
4th winner Trophy + US $ 2000
5th winner Trophy + US $ 1500


Contact Address :

  1. E-mail Address : info@asahanwhitewater.org
  2. Federasi  Arung Jeram Indonesia – Sumatera Utara
    Address : Jl. Setia Budi 221 Medan
    Telp/fax : 62-61 – 8213115
    Yohannes Sembiring 0811634755 ( yohan_ness@yahoo.com)
    Joni Kurniawan 08126417356
  3. Faji ( Federasi Arung Jeram Indonesia ) Asahan
    Jl. Setia Budi No. 30. Kisaran
    Phone : ( 0623 ) – 41829
    HP. 0813 7631 3789 ( Huseini Abduh )
    HP. 0813 7612 1699 ( Isnanto )
  4. Pemkab Asahan Sumatera Utara
    Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 5
    Kisaran - 21221 Sumatera Utara
    Phone : ( 0623 ) – 347151 / ( 0623 ) – 42020 / ( 0623 ) – 41247,
    Fax : ( 0623 ) - 41247

Follow twitter : @PB_FAJI | Facebook Group : Federasi Arung Jeram Indonesia | Email : pb_faji@faji.org